Why Virtual Assistant is the Best Option to Make Money Online

Like most people, you probably have your own PC and internet connection at home. If you’re thinking of monetizing your internet experience, becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) is one of the better options you can look into.

Making money as a virtual assistant is a good way to create your own home business; it has a low start up cost and, as long as you have what it takes to become one, it isn’t difficult to get into it. What’s more, it has great earning potential and allows you to work in the comforts of your home.

If you work in the administrative field and enjoy it, wouldn’t you prefer to work in the same kind of job but in a totally different environment, one that is not boxed within the four walls of the office building, away from office politics and water cooler gossip? Wouldn’t you want to be able to choose your work environment and even your work hours?

You can do all these by working as a home-based virtual assistant and put your administrative skills to good use.

As a virtual assistant, you become a self-employed stay-at-home professional, using the Internet and software applications that allows you to communicate with clients anytime on any part of the globe. It’s a popular way to make money using the internet.

Virtual assistants can work within the comforts of their home for people from other countries, using applications like email, VOIP, Skype, webcams and other means of communication such as fax, snail mail, and the old reliable telephone to do business for their clients.

They can even do this job remotely, while they’re on travel, at airports, hotel rooms, or holiday resorts. Doesn’t that beat being tied down to a desk at the office?

But what exactly is a Virtual Assistant?

Those who do not understand the nuances of a virtual assistant job will likely call a virtual assistant a secretary. In reality, a virtual assistant (VA) does more than what a regular secretary does. Those savvy enough to describe their jobs as a VA call it web development and database management.

The work might include data entry, transcription, writing and editing business correspondence, answering email, making reports, doing research, and arranging appointments and travel plans for the client.

If the virtual assistant has the skills, the client can also ask for other services such as bookkeeping, web design and maintenance, and production of brochures, flyers, letterheads and other forms of desktop publishing.

At the very least, if you can type and compose business letters, manage appointment scheduling, and do other administrative tasks, you can still make money as a virtual assistant.

But why is there a need for virtual assistants when people can just hire secretaries or personal assistants within an office set-up – in the offline world, so to speak.

Well, the answer is this. As virtual assistants work remotely, they do not require office space and employers or clients do not incur expense for overhead, medical and other benefits.

It’s basically a win-win arrangement: VAs get paid for work they do at their preferred environment like home, and clients get the routine work done for them, leaving them with enough time and energy to focus on the bigger demands of their business.

Just how much does a virtual assistant earn? For an hour of work, they typically fetch around $20 to $40, although some brag they get as much as $100 an hour if they have specialized, hard-to-find skills that the client can use. Those with a wide range of skills offer more value to their clients and hence can demand a higher rate.

Do you need training to make money as a virtual assistant? If your former or current job in an office involves secretarial or administrative work, then that constitutes as basic training for you. You can also refer this link on MoneyConnexion that provides the step by step guidelines to earn as Virtual assistant.

There are online companies that provide training and credentialing for those aspiring to become a virtual assistant, but it is not totally necessary to undergo a formal credential process.

However, if you feel you need training to become a successful virtual assistant, there’s no stopping you from getting some. Just make sure the training company is legitimate.

As a VA you are an independent contractor and you might need a business bank account and business identity. It would be prudent to find out if you need to get a business license to practice as a virtual assistant in your area. Having one would actually add value when you need to advertise your services as a virtual assistant.

As an independent contractor, you are your own employer, and your virtual assistant work is your business. Like any other business, there will be cash outlay, in this instance, to cover your hardware and software, internet connection, telephone, your website as a VA, and even advertising.

On top of the VA tasks, that you do, you also need to manage the administrative requirements of your home business. You also need to set up your own virtual home office, somewhere you can work in peace and quiet.

To start getting clients, you need to advertise yourself. You can create a website or a social networking profile to promote your VA services and let your clients know who you are. Here you can also include your rates, either hourly or a flat, per project rate, and your contact details. You can also send out your VA resume to job boards and job ads.

Once you get your clients, agree to a contract before you start working for them. If you’re good at what you do, your client base will start to grow and soon you’ll get new and repeat clients.

This will build your reputation as you go along, and will continue to bring you more projects and assignments in the future. Do not overbook yourself to continue giving your clients quality service.

Don’t be daunted by the initial “birth pains” of launching your own virtual assistant business. Once you have started and have gathered a loyal client base, you will definitely make money as a virtual assistant.

Many VAs swear to it as a consistent source of income, and the longer they stay in the business, the more they stand to earn.

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