Now-a-days, the students of Assam are found to neglect practicing Assamese writing. On the other hand, there are also negligible contents in the internet written in Assamese. Therefore, to encourage Assamese writing habits of the students of Assam and to increase Assamese contents in the internet, XOBDO.ORG has decided to organize a series of essay competitions. Selected essays will be published in the internet so that Assamese speakers spread across the world can read them, the best three participants of each group will be given prizes and each participant will be awarded with a certificate.

The details of the first of this series of essay competitions are given below. We would like to request each of you to spread this information and encourage students to participate.

XOBDO: Essay Competetion-1
Last Date: 30-November, 2010
Language: Only Assamese

Standard: upto Class-V.
Subject: “Computer aaru moi”
Words: 100-150

Standard: Class-V to Class-X
Subject: “2050 sonor Axom”
Words: 1000-1500

Standard: Class-XI to Undergraduate Level
Subject: “Aamaar xomaajot tothyo-projuktir probhaav”
Words: 2000-2500


The essay should be written clearly with at least 1 cm line spacing including participant’s name, address, class/standard, and school/college. They should be prepared
1) Preferably in Assamese Unicode, or
2) Hand written and then scanned, or
3) Prepared in Ramdhenu / SreeLipi etc and then scanned
And send by email to,,
OR the essay can also be submitted by post at the following address…

House No-20, Ashok Path
Beltola, Guwahati-28, Assam, India

Buljit Buragohain
Publicity Team
Mobile: 9435188630

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